miercuri, 28 august 2013

What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft. What's this?
 Bushcraft is the ability to get along in all areas of life in nature. With a few tools to make of natural resources, tools, shelter bidding structures or even entire infrastructure. The person needs to live only a few essential things. Heat-, food-, light-and-protection. In our modern society we have all of this in abundance. We lack nothing. We feel comfortable. But would not it be exciting to discover how you can get beyond civilization, far away from cities, supermarkets or to the cozy fireplace room for exactly this satisfaction? It's exciting. And above all, it is not so difficult as you might imagine. Did you know for example that there is one and only equipped with a pocket knife or a best survival knife, it is possible to provide a roof over their heads and a warm fire? Or did you know that there are trees, from which you can harvest sugar syrup in spring? Yes, just on your doorstep.
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With exactly these wonders of nature employs the "Bushcrafter". Try it yourself once. Go into the forest, leaving the way and watch what happens around you. Have you ever seen deer jump around just a few feet away from you? Even in the urban forests, large cities such encounters are not uncommon. You only have to engage it. On this blog are those warm welcome, which is exactly the heart. Professionals, beginners or just interested, can and should be exchanged here, share experiences and ask questions - or answers. Nature lovers as well as adventurous survival artists. Dropouts and those who wish they were. Dreamers and realists. You all are cordially invited and welcome to be a part of this community: http://survivalknifeguide.net